Information overload is a fact of life these days, but there are definite advantages to using social media in your law practice. Here are five ways the New York State Bar Association's social media can help you.

1) NYSBA is your digital home. We currently have an active social media presence on Twitter (@nysba), Facebook (NYSBA), LinkedIn and Instagram (@nystatebar). Our posts are created with you in mind to add value to your member experience. We post our own news, legislative updates, as well as breaking news from the legal profession, to keep you informed and at the top of your game. Many of our sections now use Twitter to highlight relevant cases, promote upcoming events and shine a light on the work their members do. You can find them all at

2) Sharing content is as valuable as original content. An easy and effective way to use social media is to share content versus your own original posts. Through sharing substantive content, you position yourself as a trusted source of information and an authority in your field. We love when members share our Facebook and Linkedin posts, as well as retweet us. We also encourage you to tag us at CLE events or section meetings or when sharing your content for a section publication.

3) Real time equals real results. Years ago, we met an attorney who was known for his courtroom strategy. While court was in recess, he would read the latest court decisions on his laptop. When he would come back into court, he could pause mid-argument and cite a just-issued decision to the astonishment of the judge and fellow counsel. Usually, it led to a favorable result for his client. With the Court of Appeals and Appellate Divisions all using Twitter to post decisions, you can develop a similar strategy yourself by setting up notifications and alerts for designated Twitter feeds. This way, you can stay informed and know more than your opposing counsel.

4) Set the record straight. The spread of information is fast but the spread of misinformation is often faster, especially on social media. One of the most common misconceptions on social media is that NYSBA is the disciplinary body for attorneys in New York state. We are frequently asked on Twitter to disbar attorneys. We have used social media to respond quickly and correctly, and also guide the public on where to go. Attorneys have helped us with the public education and outreach, adding to their credibility and accessibility to the public.

5) Find your voice. Our goal is always to have a human voice behind the organization. No one goes on social media looking to be bored. We go there to read the news, be entertained, and connect with people. If your posts accomplish all three, you will gain a larger following and be more visible to the public. Having a genuine, authentic voice on your posts will help you connect with other attorneys and the public. With the right substantive content in your own voice, you will distinguish yourself from your peers and you might just get a new client.