NYSBA Blogging Policy

1. All blog submissions, including comments, become the property of the New York State Bar Association (the NYSBA) and the NYSBA reserves the right to reproduce these entries in any format currently known or to be developed in the future.

2. The NYSBA is the publisher of all blogs and as such retains the right to edit any submission for style, content, clarity, brevity, usage, or any other reason. The NYSBA reserves the right to only publish comments relevant to the conversation.

3. NYSBA blogs are “entity” publications. The NYSBA does not offer and will not sponsor individual blogs. NYSBA blogs exist for the purpose of expanding the body of knowledge relating to positions of the Bar Association and have no commercial intent or purpose. NYSBA Sections, committees, and other NYSBA entities are invited to blog on topics of interest and influence to the NYSBA membership and the public at large.

4. The NYSBA reserves the right to cease publication of any blog at any time for any reason. Use of a NYSBA blog should not be construed as any type of contract or employment. Blog contributions are strictly voluntary and should not be considered works for hire. Contributors will receive no consideration for their work.

5. As the publisher, the NYSBA encourages thoughtful and cogent blog posts and insightful commentary. Blog posts that become personal, resort to inappropriate language, or do not support the overall mission of the NYSBA will not be published. Comments will only be published if they directly relate to the blog post to which they are attached and comply with the above standards.

6. URLs to all blogs belong to the NYSBA and will be renewed as needed and charged back to the sponsoring entities as appropriate.

7. NYSBA entities should appoint a blog administrator (or more than one) from the group to be the primary blogger(s). Blog posts should be “signed” by the person making the post in the event the blog is written by multiple parties using a common login. For blogs with multiple logins the system indicates the name of the contributor. Sections and Committees may have more than one blog (at the discretion of the NYSBA). The creation of all blogs requires the approval of the Section or Committee chair and the input of the staff liaison.