CasePrepPlus for the Judicial Section

Case PrepPlus Benefit for Members of NYSBA Judicial Section 

FREE access to Case PrepPlus Advance Sheets and Research Services

A $160 Annual Value!!

The New York State Bar Association is very pleased to announce a great new benefit of membership, exclusively for members of NYSBA’s Judicial Section. NYSBA Judicial Section members will begin receiving email messages providing access to the most recent advance sheets from Case Prep Plus.™ offers NYSBA Judicial Section members FREE access to their ENTIRE LIBRARY of case summary advance sheets and much more. This service is normally offered to the public at an annual fee of $160. But, as an exclusive offer to NYSBA Judicial Section members, Case PrepPlus offers its entire suite of research and summaries, FREE to NYSBA Judicial Section members, as long as they maintain their NYSBA and Judicial Section memberships. is an online advance sheet and research service highlighting and summarizing the most recent and significant New York appellate cases (with links to the full opinions) and reminders about recent legislation and uniform rule changes.

Practice areas covered include civil procedure and evidence, personal injury (general negligence, labor law, medical and legal malpractice and products liability), other torts, damages, insurance law, workers’ compensation, employment law and discrimination, commercial law, real property law (including SEQRA), matrimonial and family law, estates and trusts law (including elder care law) and criminal law and procedure.

As an added benefit to NYSBA Judicial Section members, users will also have access to archives by means of a unique key word and topic research system. NYSBA Judicial Section members will need their user name and password in order to log into to the Judicial Section website at in order to gain access to this valuable service. Call the NYSBA Service Center at 800-582-2452 for this information.

For more information, go to www.CasePrepPlus.comor call 1-561-487-4223 or email info@caseprepplus.comBe sure to identify yourself as a member of the NYSBA Judicial Section. If you need your NYSBA ID number, or help with logging into the NYSBA Judicial Section website, please call the NYSBA Call Center at 1-800-582-2452 or 518-463-3200, or email

We hope you will take advantage of this great new member benefit, exclusively for the New York State Bar Association Judicial Section!

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