Non-Resident Attorneys Resource Center

Non-Resident Attorneys Resource Center

Non-Resident Attorney Resources

Greetings! The Committee on Membership's Subcommittee on Non-Resident Membership welcomes you to the Non-Resident page. Our mission is to attract, to retain, and to serve non-resident members by meeting their professional needs, and promoting collegiality with and among in-state colleagues. It is our goal to make access to Non-Resident items you may want to utilize a little easier.

We appreciate your membership and welcome your input. Please feel free to submit comments and/or suggestions to Caroline Buckley.

Sincerely from the Subcommittee on Non-Resident Membership,
Eileen D. Millett, Chair
Colleen Mary Grady, Vice-Chair
Larissa Cuccurullo Bergin
Kathleen Feroleto Chetta
Courtney Connor
Clifford Ennico
Hilary Jochmans
Michael Kurs
Brian Malkin
Domenick Napoletano
Kathleen Reilly
Mitchell Rotbert
Travis Shafer
John Sheehan
David Tennant

"Being a NYSBA member has kept me up-to-date with critical developments in New York law, developments that often have an impact in jurisdictions far beyond New York's borders.  Membership has also given me a voice in legal initiatives, statewide and federally.  Plus, the camaraderie among NYSBA members is second to none!"
John B. Sheehan, NYSBA House of Delegates, Non Resident Member Representative, Dover, MA 
NYSBA member since 1991

Decision: Schoenefeld v. Schneiderman

April 22, 2016: New York State Bar President Miranda Launches Review of Federal Court Decision on Nonresident Attorneys

The New York State Bar Association wants to engage members located outside the state in activities closer to home.  We are looking for members who are interested in organizing local events – social, professional, etc. in their home states or countries.

If you are interested in starting a local NYSBA group or coordinating any special events in your state or country, please contact Caroline Buckley.

Please check out our NYSBA online Community for Non-Resident members: It is an online resource for our NYSBA members outside New York State, and has over 13,000 members from all United States (outside New York) and more than 100 countries. We hope you enjoy this resource which can help connect you with other NYSBA members worldwide!