2014 Partnership Conference Materials

Workshop CLE Books

All program materials will be distributed exclusively online in PDF format. It is strongly recommended that you download and save the course materials for the workshops you selected either on a flash drive for use with your laptop or onto your tablet so that you may access them during the sessions.

Printing the complete materials is not required for attending the program.

A NotePad© (paper) will be provided to all attendees at the live program site. The NotePad© includes lined pages for taking notes on each topic, as well as all the timed agendas and presenter bios for all workshops.

Please note:

  • You must have Adobe Acrobat on your computer in order to view, save, and/or print the files. If you do not already have this software, you can download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader at this link:  http://get.adobe.com/reader/
  • In the event that you are bringing a laptop, tablet or other mobile device with you to the program, please be sure that your batteries are fully charged in advance as additional electrical outlets may not be available at your program location.

NYSBA cannot guarantee that free or paid WI-FI access will be available for your use at your program location. Workshop names have  been shortened.

PLEASE NOTE: Some books are currently in production and will be posted as soon as they are complete. All materials will be posted by end of business on Friday.

Materials are in alphabetical order by workshop letter:

A. ACA-Medicaid

B. Intentional Program Violations-UPDATED
     UPDATED- Timed Agenda and Table of Contents
     UPDATED- Appendices Table of Contents

C. Meeting a Client’s Immediate Needs

D. Defending and Assisting Consumers in Debt Collection Lawsuits

E. From Childhood to Adult

F. Typical Mental Impairments

G. Problems Proving Vocational Issues in Young Adult Claims

H. Proving Young Adult SSD Claims

I. Immigrant Eligibility for Public Benefits

J. Beyond Law Reform- Edited

K. Breaking Down the Barriers to Language Access

L. Understanding the Basics of the New York State Foreclosure

M. Avoid Foreclosures through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plans

N. Preservation Issues in HUD Subsidized Housing

O. Low Income Housing Tax Credit Developments

P. Cornerstone Advocacy

Q. The Color of a Bruise

R. Representing the Child Support Order Violation

S. Economic Issues and Family Law

T. Effective Legislative Advocacy for Lawyers and Advocates

U. Community Lawyering

V. It Will Happen to Us All: Disaster Legal Aid

W. The Future of Technology

X. Governance and Management Changes in New York Law

Y. Cultivating Pro Bono Leaders

Z. Using Business Law and Partnerships

AA. Filling in the Gap Using Non-Lawyers

AB. Implementing Federal Rights

AC. Tax 101 for the Legal Services Practitioner

AD. Criminal Law for the Civil Practitioner- UPDATED