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    The New York State Bar Association shapes the development of the law, educates and informs the profession and the public, and responds to the demands of a changing society. With a membership of more than 72,000 lawyers, the New York State Bar Association is the largest voluntary state bar organization in the nation.

    By joining, you receive:

    • Generous discounts on CLE seminars, online products and publications
    • Networking and professional development through NYSBA Sections and Committees
    • Timely and relevant practice management resources (including FREE legal research from Fastcase and LoislawConnect)
    • Career and job search resources
    • Access to exclusive insurance programs designed especially for attorneys
    • Deep discounts on products and services for law offices
    • Immediate access to NYSBA's members-only information resources, both online and in print

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  • Membership Dues

    Class based on first year of admission to bar of any state.
    Membership year runs January through December.

    Active/Associate in-State Attorney Membership

    Attorneys admitted 2010 and prior - $275

    Attorneys admitted 2011 - 2012 - $185

    Attorneys admitted 2013 - 2014 - $125

    Attorneys admitted 2015 - 3.31.2016 - $60

    Active/Associate Out-of-State Attorney Membership

    Attorneys admitted 2010 and prior - $180

    Attorneys admitted 2011 - 2012 - $150

    Attorneys admitted 2013 - 2014 - $120

    Attorneys admitted 2015-3.31.2017  - $60


    Sustaining Member - $400

    Affiliate Member - $185

    Newly Admitted Member * - FREE

    Law Student Member - FREE


    Active In-State = Attorneys admitted in NYS, who work and or reside in NYS

    Associate In-State = Attorneys not admitted in NYS, who work and or reside in NYS

    Active Out-of-State = Attorneys admitted in NYS, who neither work nor reside in NYS

    Associate Out-of-State = Attorneys not admitted in NYS, who neither work nor reside in NYS

    Sustaining = Attorney members who voluntarily provide additional funds to further support the work of the Association

    Affiliate = Person(s) holding a JD, not admitted to practice, who work for a law school or bar association

    *Newly admitted = Attorneys admitted on or after April 1, 2017

    Law Students = Person(s) enrolled in an ABA accredited law school (includes law graduate students, within 2 years of graduation only, awaiting admission)

    Antitrust* $30
    Business Law** $25
    Commercial & Federal Litigation* $40
    Corporate Counsel* $30
    Criminal Justice+ $35 
    Dispute Resolution*** $35
    Elder Law & Special Needs* $30
    Entertainment, Arts & Sports Law* $35
    Environmental & Energy Law* $35
    Family Law* $35
    Food, Drug & Cosmetic Law* $25
    General Practice** $25
    Health Law** $30
    Intellectual Property Law* $30
    International† $35
    Judicial $25 (Limited to Judges of Courts of Record)
    Labor & Employment Law** $35
    Local and State Government Law* $30
    Real Property Law+ $40 (Attorneys admitted 5 years or less are $10)
    Senior Lawyers $20 (Attorneys age 55 and over)
    Tax* $25
    Torts, Insurance, & Compensation Law** $40
    Trial Lawyers**** $40
    Trusts & Estates Law** $40
    Young Lawyers $20 (Law students and attorneys admitted less than 10 years)

    * Law Student Rate: half price
    ** Law Student Rate: $5
    *** Law Student Rate: $10
    **** Law Student Rate: $15
    † Law Student Rate: $12.50
    + Law Student Rate: FREE

    INFORMATION FOR NYSBA MEMBERS LOCATED OUTSIDE THE U.S.: Wire Transfer Information: Please make payment in U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank or a wire transfer through JP Morgan Chase, 12 Corporate Way, 4th Floor, Albany, New York 12211. The ABA number is 021000021; the bank account number is 777-050803. The beneficiary is: New York State Bar Association, One Elk Street, Albany, New York 12207. Regarding foreign transfers, the Swift Code is: CHASUS33. Important Note: Please be sure to include the member’s name and membership identification number with the payment (complete processing of the payment will not be possible without this information.) Publication Surcharges: Surcharges are added to the dues above to cover the additional postal costs incurred with mailing the State Bar News ($40), the NYSBA Journal ($40), and the New York State Law Digest ($15). Please note: during the member’s first year of NYSBA membership no publication surcharges are incurred — this rule applies to both newly admitted attorneys and non-newly admitted or established attorneys.

    Dues Waivers are available in cases of disability or financial hardship. Participation (based upon financial hardship) is limited to two consecutive years, minus extenuating circumstances. Reduced membership dues are also available for attorneys who: are 70 years of age or older; have been NYSBA members for 25 years or more; and, are fully retired from the practice of law. Call 800.582.2452/518.463.3200 for more information.

  • Member Benefits & Savings Programs

    Premier Member Benefits > Business Services & Practice Resources > Discount Savings Programs > Financial Services & Insurance Program > Jury/Legal Research & Alert Tools > Professional Development > Travel Discounts

    Saving Money is Smart Practice

    Enhance the efficiency and lower the cost of your practice with special discount programs and offers for New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) members. From insurance and financial services to discounted office products, your NYSBA membership gets you dramatic savings on important services every practice needs.  Use the buttons or links below to navigate through our benefit offerings.

    Premier Benefit Button
    Financial Services - Bank of America
    Insurance Program - USI Affinity
    Legal Research - Fastcase
    Practice Resources - Clio and LawPay

    Business Services & Practice Resources
    > Abacus
    > Clio
    > FedEx
    > LawHub
    > LawPay
    > PageVault
    > UPS Store
    > Zola Creative

    Discount Savings Programs Button

    Recently added discount benefits for New York State Bar Association members!

    > Buffalo Bills
    > Madison Square Garden & Radio City Music Hall Events
    > NY Jets
    > NY Yankees
    > Personal Creations
    > ProFlowers
    > Shari's Berries

    Financial Services and Insurance Program Button
    > ABA Retirement Funds
    > Bank of America
    > USI Affinity Insurance

     JuryLegal Research and Alert Tools
    > CasePrepPlus
    > Fastcase

     Professional Development Button
    > Career Center & Job Alert Service
    > CLE Programs
    > How I Practice?
    > Professional Services Guide
    > Publications
    > Sections & Committees

     Travel Discounts Button
    > Avis
    > Hertz

    Is your company interested in creating a mutually beneficial Member Benefits relationship with the New York State Bar Association? Click the button below to access our printable Partnership Guide.
    Printable Member Benefit Partnership Guide Button 

    Contact Information:
    Victoria Shaw
    Advertising & Member Benefits Coordinator 
    Phone: 518-487-5581 | Email:

    A note regarding our discount programs: The Association goes to great lengths to obtain the best possible discount programs for our members. While not common, it is possible that at any given point in time, a lower price might be found on a sponsored product.  Many of our discount partners operate in volatile markets, and this is especially true of computer hardware and software manufacturers. The Association can not restrict the business decisions that our discount partners make in response to changing market conditions, nor can our partners restrict the business decisions of their product retailers.