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Public Sector Labor and Employment Law--Third Edition

Public Sector Labor and Employment Law, Third Edition Revised 2014

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Jerome Lefkowitz, Esq.
Public Employment Relations Board, NY
John M. Crotty, Esq.,
Delmar, NY

William A. Herbert, Esq.
Distinguished Lecturer, Hunter College, CUNY
Philip L. Maier, Esq.
New York City Office of Collective Bargaining
Richard K. Zuckerman, Esq.,
Lamb & Barnosky, LLP, Melville, NY

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With updated case and statutory citations throughout, the 2014 revision to Public Sector Labor and Employment Law, 3d Edition, features 3 new sections. These include the Scope of Prohibitions and the Status of Charter Schools under the Taylor Law Provisions, and Alternatives to Interest Arbitration. Edited by Public Employment Relations Board Chairman Jerome Lefkowitz, with the assistance of John Crotty, William Herbert, Philip Maier and Richard Zuckerman, this book is an exhaustive, up-to-date treatise covering all aspects of public sector labor and employment law in New York.

This landmark text is the leading reference on public sector labor and employment law in New York State. All practitioners will benefit from the comprehensive coverage of this book, whether they represent employees, unions or management. Practitioners new to the field, as well as the non-attorney, will benefit from the book's clear, well-organized coverage of what can be a very complex area of law.

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J Lefkowitz: Editor-in-Chief; J Crotty, W Herbert, P Maier, R Zuckerman: Co-Editors
November 24, 2014
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